My Dirty Cunt & Me //

Volume  1 :  The Garden
2016 - 2019

collaboration with Anteism Books & The Centre for Expanded Poetics

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“to those who seek, the primary impulse is to return to The Garden & the dark substrates of its mystery”

T h e   G a r d e n  is the first volume in a life-long photographic series titled My Dirty Cunt & Me, which dually operates as an exploration of the phantasmagoric & as documentation of Walker’s personal healing journey

this first installment seeks reparations with  N a t u r e  on both interior & exterior landscapes while also investigating the noöspheric trauma passed down through menstrual blood

a journey through 5 garden landscapes :
    The Sepulcher
    Restoration & Zôion

- - -
collection of over 250 platinotypes, cyanotypes, & silver prints toned with various wildcrafted plant matter