b. 1992

Bretta C. Walker is a creative practitioner utilizing still & motion photography as means of documenting her performance in the role of  Female Human in an intuition-driven & ritual-fueled practice. By harnessing the necromantic qualities of the photographic process to hold communion with self & surrounding - in concept & in form, her work addresses issues of liminality, femininity, & trauma.

Walker’s work is that of a deeply personal practice which rotates on an axis of healing while drawing cues from the resilience & sublimity of Nature & its intrinsic relation to the female condition & form. In her melding of alternative & archaic printing methods with her personal research & experimentations in eco-processing, sensitizing, & toning - alchemy, the hand, process, & a sense of locality are always present, driving forces in her work. 

Walker currently lives & works in the high deserts of New Mexico where she spearheads the micropublishing project Evidence House, practices radical home economics, & seeks moon lodge. She holds a BFA in Studio Art from Tufts University.
contact at hi.bretta[at]gmail.com

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